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When trying to decide which maid service to hire there are a usually few things that come to mind more than others for the potential client. Can I trust the maids? Will they be prompt and consistent with the arrival? Will the cleaning be to my expectations? Let’s talk about those questions, and answer each questions effectively. We want to show you why Cleaning Plus of Arlington is the right choice for maid service house cleaning needs.

First of all, let’s discuss trust. You are either a property owner or tenant. You have valuables. You have the need for ease of mind. Herein lies the problem that we often see in the house cleaning industry. There are theft issues, family & children that may be present during the cleaning, among other reasons that the potential client might be distrustful of whom they are considering to be their go to maid service.

At Cleaning Plus of Arlington TX we take measures to ensure our client can entrust us to their home and anyone residing in their home. We do extensive background checks on each technician to start. We have an intricate hiring process that qualifies each technician and we require a training period as well where they are under managerial supervision. Our office is thoughtful, discerning and cautious in making sure every team member is fully qualified to be in our clients homes. Our clients deserve this level of measure and it’s good for business too! We’re proud of our entire team for who they are and we love pleasing our customers everyday.

Secondly, Cleaning Plus hires only technicians who have a history of timeliness and promptness, and we run a tight ship when it comes to punctuality from an admin point of view. Being on time to each cleaning is important and having technicians with an impressive attendance record makes a big difference too. This minimizes having to adjust to different crews when there are absences so that clients generally speaking always get the same crew. That kind of continuity is essential in premium maid service offerings. We also offer green house cleaning services.

Finally, we do the thing that is the most important of all. We deliver consistent results to our clients every time and on every cleaning. Some of our clients apartments our small, some of their homes are average or above average and some are like museums. Regardless of the size and style of each home, we uphold the attention to detail that is expected of top notch maid service. We only use the best cleaning agents and we also use the best possible equipment. Our techs are highly trained and consistency and reliability of each cleaning going well is a must.

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So if you need house cleaning services in Arlington TX do not hesitate to contact our office for more information. Fill out a contact form and we will call or text you, or just call us at 817-617-5482 and we will answer each and every one of your questions! Thank you for choosing Cleaning Plus!

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