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When looking for a company for house cleaning in Arlington TX look no further than Cleaning Plus! Cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite chores. However, as with a lot of chores, it’s something that has to be taken care of regardless. Our house cleaning Arlington TX maid service gets the job done right every time.

A few months ago I did a little organizing in my master bath with baskets and drawers that fit under the sink.

The organizing in the bathroom has been pretty easy to maintain, but lately I’ve found myself looking up cleaning tips on Pinterest to try and make the cleaning part easier. As most of you know, Pinterest is full of all kinds of ideas, and my first two bathroom cleaning tips are ones that I found on there from Real Simple.

The first is to use a dryer sheet to remove soap scum on shower doors. I know it sounds weird, but I tried it and was so surprised at how well it worked. Here is our shower door before I cleaned it.

You can see the white film on it–ewww–I know. It didn’t take one dryer sheet; it took three to get this thing cleaned.
I simply wet them down, ( I used them one at a time till they got yucky) and scrubbed the door. Then I rinsed it several times and wiped it down good. I was extremely pleased at the results! I think it worked a lot better than any regular bathroom cleaner I’ve used before. Here is my after shot.

I never would of thought it up, but it worked great! I’ve also read to prevent the soap buildup in the first place, you can use car wax to wax your clean door, and it will repel the buildup. I may have to try that sometime, but using the dryer sheets made the door a snap to clean.

The second tip, also from Real Simple was for hanging up your bathroom rug to dry. There is no room for a drying rack in my walk through laundry room, and I usually toss my rug over something when it comes out of the washer since I don’t dry it in the dryer as it can damage the backing. This was the simple idea I hadn’t thought of (Kind of a “duh” moment).

Use a hanger with clips and hang it on the shower curtain rod, brilliant.

A few years ago when my mother-in-law was visiting she hung a bag of white vinegar on my shower head, and I didn’t have a clue why. Now I know, it’s a great way to get rid of the build up in the shower head that makes it splutter. The calcium or lime in the water clogs the little holes in it so it doesn’t work as well as it should after a while.

Use white vinegar, pour it in a baggie and using a rubber band secure it around the shower head, making sure the vinegar is covering the holes (The smell is strong so it’s a good idea to have the fan going).

Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, scrub with a scrub brush or old toothbrush and rinse well. Your shower head will have more power as the holes should be cleaned out. It worked great on ours!

My last tip is for the toilet plunger. When I was first married, I would keep the plunger in a plastic grocery bag to keep the drips contained (I know, ewww again). I finally decided to check out plastic storage containers, and found one that was made to hold cd’s but was also the perfect size to put the plunger in.

Simple, but it helps keep the bathroom cleaner and some of my germ phobias contained, literally.

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