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House Cleaners Dallas TX. Your home should be your sanctuary, not a prison. Whether you live alone, have a family, or have a few pets, Cleaning Plus can handle all of your home cleaning needs and give you back your free time.

The cleanliness of your home really can take a beating on a daily basis. You will need a truly professional house cleaner in Dallas TX. From simple actions like walking through a room with your shoes on, to group events like your kids having their friends over – the dirt can pile up, even if you can’t see it. Our housekeepers are trained to spot hard-to-see dirt and grime, and our cleaning services are guaranteed to tackle big and small home cleaning projects.

If you have pets, you’re probably familiar with seeing pet hair everywhere. Cleaning Plus will help you tackle all that hair with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly house cleaning. Invest in Cleaning Plus and you can spend less money on all those lint rollers.

With our advanced home cleaning services, you can have peace of mind and peace and quiet. Spend your free time and weekends however you want, without house cleaning keeping you busy inside your home. Our professional cleaning techniques are applied to all your hard surfaces, including:

  • kitchen counters
  • bathroom counters
  • sinks
  • faucets
  • toilets
  • tubs
  • floors

As a result of the dedicated cleaning services of our housekeepers, you can relax and reap the benefits of these results:

  • bacteria and germs killed
  • grease and oil removed
  • dirt and grime eliminated
  • surfaces deodorized
  • mold, dust and other allergens wiped out

Don’t worry about your flooring and surfaces; we make sure that our supplies are safe for all surfaces. We also use products that won’t leave any ugly residue behind.

At Cleaning Plus, we’re in the business of being clean, not being mean. We’re committed to excellence and quality services for your home cleaning. Our housekeepers stay focused on doing the job right, and our customer service is dedicated to offering you affordable rates.

Contact us for a quote at 817-617-5482, to learn more about what we do, or to schedule your house cleaning in Dallas TX today.

House Cleaning Dallas TX
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